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My Mom gave me the idea of going to stay with her bestfriend in Cavan. I have no idea where Cavan is or let alone what there is there, aside from ya know pubs. I was in Ireland in May/June last year. So anyone have any info on Cavan or the surrounding area?
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My great great uncle lives around there! All I remember is it was about a 2 1/2 hour car ride from Dublin. There were some pubs, beds and breakfasts, convenience stores, convenience stores, restaurants...and that was about it.
OMG im from cavan, what part???? cavan is madd cool, if you go to cavan town hit up the farhnam and, oh shit, theres another disco there but i forget the name of it. and if your near cootehill go to the white horse! i myself am from ballyhaise, which is a little village, nothing there, but anyways have fun and hit me up if you have more questions.