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My trip to Ireland

Sorry this took so long, but I went to Ireland way back in late May/early June. I have to say it was the best 2 weeks of my life. Most of the time was spent in Dublin, but we were also around Tramore(outside Waterford) and Galway. Tramore was beautiful, Galway was pretty cool, but Dublin was the best. We stayed in my friend's Grandad's house. The area was nice, Castleknock, if anyone's heard of it. It's about a 10-15min walk from Phoenix Park. We were lucky to catch a friendly football game betwee Ireland and Romania(Ireland won) and the Gaelic playoffs, we saw Dublin go down to Meath at the stadium. Absolutely beautiful and I'm looking forward to going back, whenever that happens.

Well here are some pictures...

The River Liffey



The Millenium Spire

Bank of Ireland

Halfpenny Bridge

A Statue on O'Connell Street

Jameson Distilery

The Guiness Factory Sign

Mmm Guiness

O Connell Street Part 1

O Connell Street Part 2
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